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The Guest Mix @ JOOF Radio 2022

It’s with great pleasure and honour that I once again made a guest mix for John Fleming’s radio show.

As usual, in every mix I try to give the listeners something new, to surprise and bring the joy of discovering a new sound. And this one came out without exception.

It is noteworthy, that JOOF Radio broadcasts on the Trance channel of Digitally Imported radio. And although the word ‘trance’ has become a dirty word in recent years, for me it’s this kind of sound the real underground trance which is not a shame to call trance. Enjoy :-)

00:00 Svarog — Settling (Original Mix) [Affin]
04:58 Aoud — Surd (Original Mix) [Persephonic Sirens]
10:16 Alfredo Mazzilli — Windy Side (Original Mix) [Edit Select]
15:16 Dubiosity, Pjotr G — Trailer Park Prophet (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm Records]
18:14 Surt — The Brightest Dawn (OTHK Remix) [Postdynamic]
22:37 Angelo Stasi — PlancK (Basis Change Remix) [Edit Select]
27:11 Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy — Setback (Original Mix) [Selected Records]
30:17 Dawn Razor — Blizzard (Original Mix) [DEXT Recordings]
34:19 Christian Smith — Accelerate (Original Mix) [Tronic]
37:52 Kalden Bess, UNDFND — Kontrol (Original Mix) [Ground Factory Records]
40:32 Adam Beyer — Remainings, Pt. 3 (Jesper Dahlback Remaster) [Drumcode]
41:15 Dawn Razor — Wonk (Original Mix) [Bazovoe Techno]
44:26 Dubiosity, Pjotr G — Cataclysm (Original Mix) [Lateral Fragments]
49:15 Psychosonic — Now Or Never (Original Mix) [Jotown Records]
52:45 Gaetano Parisio — Nysa (Original Mix) [Conform Records]
56:32 M.I.T.A. — A Soul From Chicago (Original Mix) [Tronic]

All of my guest mixes are available on SoundCloud, some of them are on YouTube as well. Listen and watch:

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