Gigs and drinking

In the music industry, drinking is considered the norm among professionals. “To get into the right mood” and “to be on the same page with the crowd”, as they say. Beer, whisky, vodka and champagne are often found in dressing rooms, and artists usually don’t mind a drink.

I have an explicit opinion about it. The DJ is like the captain of a ship. He sets the direction and is in charge of the crew. If the captain is drunk, can’t say two words and has no control over his actions, then such a ship won’t get very far. That’s why I think drinking at a gig is irresponsible and unprofessional. Alas, in my practice, I have witnessed many such cases. After the set – sure, but not before and especially not during the set.

I have no problems with alcoholic drinks as a thing, it’s not a taboo. I don’t mind having a pint when I’m in friendly company and not on duty. However, I never allow myself to drink at gigs, and my touring rider includes just plain water and energy drinks.

Hopefully, one day the phrase “drunk DJ” will become as wild as a “drunk driver” rather than the norm.

Performing at Izvestia Hall in December 2018. I drink water while sitting down to avoid accidentally spilling it on the equipment
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