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Live @ Forest Quest Festival

Here is the set I recorded last weekend at Forest Quest Festival.

The set includes two of my unreleased tracks as well as mashups and tunes from Ectima, E-Clip, Sideform, Ace Ventura, Zen Mechanics, Ovnimoon, and more.


0:00:00 Ectima – Black Humor (Original Mix)
0:02:52 John 00 Fleming & E-Clip – Symbolism (Daniel Lesden haunting voices live mashup)
0:08:30 Ritmo – Process (Sonic Sense Remix) (Daniel Lesden “Absurd” live mashup
0:12:36 E-Clip – Midnight Express (Original Mix)
0:18:13 Sideform & Middle Mode – Side Mode (Daniel Lesden “Govorit Moskva” live mashup)
0:23:03 Sonic Species & Zen Mechanics – Spice Travel (Daniel Lesden “Weapon” live mashup)
0:30:16 Sonic Entity – World Has Changed (Daniel Lesden “Soultrigger” live mashup)
0:35:23 John 00 Fleming feat. Sascha Cooper – Fight The Darkness (Ovnimoon Remix)
0:40:30 Sideform – Web Of Life (Lyctum Remix)
0:46:18 Daniel Lesden – Ancient Civilization (Original Mix)
0:53:15 Lyctum – Consciousness (Original Mix)
0:58:48 Zyce – Technology (Original Mix)
1:04:07 Daniel Lesden – Contact (Original Mix)
1:09:53 Vertical Mode – Deep Vibration (Original Mix)
1:13:55 Relativ – Universal (Original Mix)
1:19:41 Static Movement – Talking About Love (Original Mix)
1:23:35 Liquid Sound – In Motion To The Ocean (Daniel Lesden “Electric Love” live mashup)
1:29:48 Sideform – Shiva (Original Mix)
1:35:19 Egorythmia & Ace Ventura – White Tunnel (Original Mix)
1:42:11 Flegma & Nerso & Middle Mode – Awakening (Original Mix)
1:46:32 Vertical Mode – Lazer Shot (Original Mix)
1:51:34 Symbolic & Sphera – One Step Closer (Original Mix)
1:56:36 Ovnimoon ia Axis & Itomlab – Galactic Mantra (Ovnimoon 2011 Remix)

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Under the stage name Daniel Lesden I perform as a DJ in clubs, open-air events, festivals in Russia and internationally. If you want to book me for your event, please get in touch.

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