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The Guest Mix @ Forescape Digital Marathon

This month Kirill Enlusion celebrates the 100th release of his label Forescape Digital and he invited me to join a special marathon featuring mixes from John 00 Fleming, Slam Duck, Basil O’Glue, Johan Lecander, Fuenka, Facade, Jamie Baggotts, Slavlotski, Gordey Tsukanov, Coredata, Rick Pier O’Neil and many more.

The tracklist below can’t event reflect everything because there are just so many things going on constantly, sometimes 3-4 tracks playing at the same time :-)

Let me know what do you think of this mix?

0:00:00 Joseph Ray — Guilin (Original Mix) Big Beat Records
0:05:01 Matt Lange, Kerry Leva — Inverse (Original Mix) Anjunadeep
0:09:07 Sasha Carassi — Citrus (Original Mix) Phobiq
0:12:41 Skober — Butterfly Effect (Original Mix) Tronic
0:15:43 Carlo Lio — We Bouncing (Original Mix) SciTec
0:19:30 Carlos Manaca, Chus & Ceballos — Strong Rhythm (Boris Remix) Transmit Recordings
0:24:01 Rick Pier O’Neil — Dark Dancer (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:27:18 Gaga, Mateo — The Edge (Darmec Remix) Dark Face Recordings
0:33:03 Wellenrausch — Shape Of Berlin (Basil O’Glue Remix) Afterglow Records
0:35:33 Eric Sneo, Klaudia Gawlas — Kosmos (Remastered) Beatdisaster
0:38:21 Axel Karakasis — Flounder (Original Club Mix) Toolroom Records
0:43:21 Daniel Lesden — A Train Into Darkness (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:48:05 Cristian Varela — Pornogames (A Paul Remix) Yin Yang
0:51:50 Basil O’Glue — Fated (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:57:20 Cosmithex — Nebulous (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
1:00:50 Ronnie Spiteri — Reactive (Original Mix) Tronic
1:04:50 Rick Pier O’Neil — Onix Beat (Exoplanet Remix) Suffused Music
1:08:48 Hackler & Kuch — The Crow (Original Mix) ReWashed LDT
1:14:43 Industrialyzer, The Advent — Mind Remains (Original Mix) CodeWorks
1:18:23 Daniel Lesden, Enlusion — Dark Entity (Heads-down Mix) Forescape Digital
1:23:58 Lorenzo D’Ianni, Pedro Delgardo — Nails (Original Mix) Yin Yang
1:26:52 Enlusion — Twisted (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
1:30:13 Coyu — We Live In A World Full Of Rage (Original Mix) Suara Records
1:34:17 Axel Karakasis — Dark South (Original Mix) Remain Records
1:38:06 Hackler & Kuch, Niereich — Faithful And The Kind (Original Mix) Nachtstrom Schallplatten
1:41:27 Ramon Tapia — Song Of Sirens (Original Mix) Drumcode
1:45:15 Carara — E La Luna (Darmec Remix) Blue Monkey Records
1:49:31 Drunken Kong — Phoenix (Original Mix) Tronic
1:53:18 Axel Karakasis — Flaccid Tantrums (Original Mix) Remain Records
1:56:07 In Verruf — Defeat (Original Mix) R – Label Group

All of my guest mixes are available on SoundCloud, some of them are on YouTube as well. Listen and watch:

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