The Guest Mix @ Digital Emotions with Fonarev

I was honoured to make a guest mix for one of the most respected DJ and pioneer of the Russian electronic dance music scene, Vladimir Fonarev, and his Digital Emotions radio show.

This 30-minutes mix includes my own productions only, and I would say the most Trancy (or should I say cheesy?) side of it.

He was coming to my master classes, and there he is already a solid producer with his own vision, signed on some of the best record labels. The supernova of the Trance scene.


00:00 Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)
05:21 Daniel Lesden feat. Spinney Lainey – Mirai (Original Mix)
07:41 Whirloop – Feel The Effect (Daniel Lesden Remix)
09:47 Daniel Lesden & Mekka – Aurora (Original Mix)
13:51 Daniel Lesden – The Gaia (Original Mix)
17:35 John 00 Fleming – Healing (Daniel Lesden Remix)
21:49 Mac & Monday – Yoruba (Daniel Lesden Remix)
26:26 Daniel Lesden – Science 2.0 (Live Mix 2014)
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