Dance:Love:Hub 2019

🇬🇧 London, June 15, 2019

I started clubbing hard around 2004, this is when I discovered my passion for the proper underground parties with heads-down music, dark club environment, great sound systems, and of course friendly like-minded people. Now I’m fortunate to perform as a DJ and producer around the globe on all different kind of events, but I still love and I appreciate my roots.

Probably one of the best parties I enjoyed the most that I’ve ever played has to be Dance:Love:Hub in London, the UK in October 2017. I played a 2-hour set and the crowd and the vibe were absolutely phenomenal!

And now I’m delighted to announce that I’m returning to Dance:Love:Hub in London on June 15! It’s their 7-year​ anniversary party and I feel privileged to play along with Jamie Baggotts, Jon Cockle, Nkore, and Fin McLaughlin.

Join in the event page, the venue and the tickets link will be posted soon:

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