Concept art by Joe Vinton

Many would suggest that Mars was once a vibrant and habitable planet where a highly sophisticated society more technologically advanced than our own once existed. Having unlocked the secret of infinite energy they created vast monumental cities, with complex transport systems and its entire civilization thrived.

All but a few of the highest intellectuals were unaware of the imminent apocalyptic event that was about to destroy their very existence. The mood within this group was anxious as they secretly battled against time to prepare an ark to send to a nearby planet with the necessary parts for life to evolve once again.

The planets magnetic field was depleting at a rate so fast the change in atmospheric conditions brought freezing thunderous storms that swept across it, causing catastrophic devastation on a global scale. Without an atmosphere to sustain oxygen, life was extinguished and the barren landscape we observe today and long to understand was once, Cydonia.

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