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Monika Kruse @ Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck for Cercle

I continue to share my favourite videos (see the previous note about it).

This time it’s a techno set on the Montparnasse tower from the owner of Terminal M – Monica Cruz. I don’t even remember when I would have been so enjoying a techno set; This is exactly the kind of techno that I really like right now.

Take a look and listen:

12:46 trancey lead
19:25 more trance
42:08 groove track from Victor Ruiz
46:51 Ruiz and Schumacher’s fiery collab, one of the best tracks of the year
1:02:27 dark, nice
1:11:10 melodic, also nice
1:17:34 ride cymbals
1:22:17 atmospheric closer

I’ll leave the audio version here too, I will listen in on my runs:

 604   2019   Cercle   Techno   Video
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