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Behind the scenes: unrevealed stories

When we listening to music, we think that every track was born as it is, but it’s not. In fact, most tracks have a long way from scratch till released version that everyone hears.

Usually, best moves go to release, while other drafts remain as unrevealed stories. And now I’m gonna do that probably no one musician in a clear state of mind will never do — to share a sketch of “bad moves”, the unrevealed stories.

Just to show what I mean, — here is my track Contact (released on Ovnimoon Records in 2012) as you know how it’s sounds like. And below is how it could sound. It’s not about quality, but just an ideas:

Here is Science 2.0 (Synergetic Records, 2012):

Illusion Of Reality (Synergetic Records, 2012):

The New Land (Synergetic Records, 2013):

And here is my remix of Yoruba, recently released on Borderline Music:

Today, when more than a year past for most of those sketches, I find it’s pretty fun to listen to it. So hope you too.

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