Bad stage name?

I had an interesting conversation today, I’ve been told that my stage name “Daniel Lesden” is associated with Trance or Techno music but not with Psytrance, and this is why I presumably don’t get enough attention from the Psychedelic community (despite the fact my album is currently #1 at Psytrance CDs charts).

What do you think about it guys? Is this really the case? It seems that for Psytrance producers it’s become a habit to use superheroes or famous characters’ names, but I don’t get what’s wrong in having a real name as a part of the alias? After all, aren’t musicians supposed to be judged by... well, you know, music?

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Andrei 2019

I’m not really an expert in the industry. But I’m sure that the best brand you can create is your name. In any industry. I think „ a generic pair of ‘adjective and noun’“ sucks.

Daniel Lesden 2019

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