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The Guest Mix @ Amplify Sessions

Kev from Amplify Events asked me to do a guest mix, and I delivered this dark, trippy, and pounding mix.

This guest mix is quite special, with a strong theme running through. You know, that feeling when you look at the person dancing next to you, you smile, and then that person smiles you back without saying a word. That moment you realise why you love the music and the club nights like this, and you just lose yourself in this euphoria under the strobe lights and a hard pounding kick. That’s what I had in my mind when mixing it.

To be honest, the tracklist below can’t event reflect everything because there are just so many things going on constantly, sometimes 3-4 tracks playing at the same time, with extra loops, synths; around 30 tracks played in total I guess. It a bit crazy, but I absolutely enjoyed doing this mix.

Let me know what do you think of this mix?

00:00 Kerry Leva, Matt Lange — In Me (Original Mix) mau5trap
05:21 Gregor Tresher, Pig&Dan — Granular (Original Mix) Truesoul
09:23 Ronny Vergara — Emancipation (Original Mix) Elektrax Recordings
12:53 Rick Pier O’Neil — Swim Deep (Original Mix) Bonzai
17:21 Roberto Capuano — Wilford (Original Mix) Drumcode
19:04 Radu Dracul — Came Out Of You (Original Mix) Tronic
23:26 Luminesce, Miika Kuisma — Wave Of Life (Mark Greene Remix) JOOF Recordings
26:34 Timewave — Overdrive (Shaun Mauren Remix) JOOF Recordings
29:14 Wehbba — Framework (Original Mix) Drumcode
31:25 Hermann Hesse — All About Your Mind (Original Mix) Renesanz
35:45 Coyu — Desert Seas (Original Mix) Suara Records
37:41 Trudge — Страсть (Original Mix) 100 Pills Mate
41:03 John 00 Fleming — Tik Tok (Part 2) JOOF Recordings
44:11 A-Brothers — Against Nuclear Power (Original Mix) Elektrax Music
46:21 Cetera — Bacon & Chips (Roby M Rage Remix) JOOF Recordings
51:34 Anne Clark — Our Darkness (Charly Schaller Edit) The Techno’s Children
56:03 Chris Liberator, Dave The Drummer — Twinkle Toes (Original Mix) Hydraulix

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